Do You Have A Problem With Your Own Penis Growth

Most men have a problem with their penis growth because they are not too confident about how big or small their thing is and in fact at least half of them may think that theirs are actually below the average size. No one has yet determined the mystery enveloping the average penis size but men should know that each person is unique and that includes the size of one’s penis. Some men have penises that are wide and short while some are fortunate enough to have the large and long versions and so how do you determine the exact path where you stand and how do you compare yourself with an average man?

Have you ever taken a few minutes of your time standing in the bathroom to check out the thing that you have got? Have you been to the point of making comparisons between your penis and the other men in the gym locker room only to be disappointed that yours is not like theirs? Or maybe you have gauged it with the use of a tape to arrive at the calculations of the length, erection angle, and girth.

Penis growth is therefore determined based on various angle so be sure to read what is written below.

Erectus lengthus is the maximum length that the penis achieves after being totally excited and aroused and measuring it must start from the shaft towards the tip which basically reaches up to 5.8 inches.

On the other hand, the maximus girthus is attained when you have a full erection so what you must do is to wrap the tape measure around the base of the penis and keep in mind that the typical size is around 5 inches or about 1.6 inches in diameter.

To measure the erectus angle, stand with your back as you lean against the wall and estimate the angle of your erect state hence the 180-degree angle must point at your chin, the 90-degree angle should point in front of you, and then the zero degree angle should point down to your feet with the overall average angle amounting to 106.8 degrees.

In measuring the flacidus lengthus, do it immediately after removing your clothes since warm or cold air that seeps into the room may tend to disrupt the accurate measurement and as a result there could either be a shrinkage or an expansion and take note that the regular length is approximately 3.43 inches.

If you are pondering as to whether or not your penis growth holds a great importance then it is time to realize that the males are often concerned of it because the women as well have set their own standards in line with the satisfaction of their sexual desires.

After all, penis growth is greatly equal to physical sensation that can be enjoyed by both of you.