How did I Make My Penis Larger?

I hung what on my penis?    How did I stretch it?   What is a penis exercise?  Do you get my drift?

Yes, there are many ways that are said to help you achieve a larger penis.  In this article I am going to explore some of the ways to make your penis bigger.  This will help anyone that is confused on the issue to make a logical decision and sort out all of the haze.

Penis Pumps: Take my word – stay away from penis pumps! Ever!

One of the most visible of the enlargement devices to the general public is the penis pump.  I imagine this is due to the facts that they have been advertised in magazines for years and now on T.V. They work by putting a cylinder over the penis and with a pump, creating a vacuum around your member.   This will pull blood into the shaft and giving you an erection.   These work great for E.D. but there is no any proof that they will help you to get a larger penis.

However, there are serious drawbacks to using a penis pump; there is evidence that they can cause serious vascular damage to the penis.  In addition to that, if you use too much pressure you can develop blisters and pop blood vessels. There are also cases documented that if there is too much pressure, the testicles can be drawn into the cylinder, causing much unwanted pain.

Traction Devices – the best by far!

These are among the safest of the devices as well as most technologically advanced.  There are many clinical trials that show they work GREAT and they have the backing of the medical practices.

Some of the penis extenders have even earned a rating of a type 1 medical device.  The chances of injury with one of the more reputable devices are next to none.

An example of quality, effective and safe penis enlargement extender, medically backed and proven to work towords penis enlargement is Anropenis device.

Read this Andropenis review to learn more. Anropenis is the only device passed ISO certification and known for years.

Hanging Weights

Just one thing to say on this, don’t do it!


This is the penis exercise program that does produce results.  The exercise involves a milking motion on the penis, away from the body.  There are companies out there that have taken this exercise and improved on it immensely.

The Penis Health program is documented in clinical trials to work very well.