How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast?

I never really had any doubt that men can increase the size of their penises.  Just thinking back to my Bio 101 class in college, certain things make sense: by stretching out your penis gradually, your body will respond by creating more cells to fill the space.  It is a lot like working out in the gym.  Every time you do a bench press, you are actually stretching your muscles.  However, I wasn’t really prepared to wear a penis enlargement device for a long time so I began to looking into how you make your penis bigger and fast.

I decided to take pills to speed up the penis enlargement.

When I first started looking through all the different pills online, I immediately dismissed most of them.  The companies hadn’t been around for very long, had no clinical tests and a lot of them marketed pills which contained natural ingredients.

I found out that SizeGenetics recommend penis exercises to speed up penis enlargement instead of taking pills. I had great results with SizeGenetics device and you probably will too, but I will get to that.

The SizeGenetics penis enlargement device worked on a method which made sense to me.  It is called a tracking device and it stretches out the penis shaft.  You can adjust the amount of pull and also the size for when your penis starts getting bigger.

One of the other reasons I chose SizeGenetics is because their tracking device looked so comfortable (and turned out to be).  There were some harness enlargement devices which string a noose around your penis head and those seemed terrible.

Keep in mind, you need to wear this device for at least three hours a day if you want quick results.

SizeGenetics surprised me when they told me there were ways to increase results and get a bigger penis fast.  All you will need to do some penis exercises for not more than 8 minutes daily when you aren’t wearing the tracking device.

SizeGenetics has a great and effective exercise program which I got for free as a customer.  They were really easy to do and some were even fun.

Also, I found out about penis enlargement pills.  I wasn’t sure how these worked at first but it is quite simple really.  Using natural ingredients, the pills are like supplements which increase blood flow to you penis and promote cell division. Again with the body building reference- you wouldn’t lift weights and not take protein supplements, right?  Keep in mind that these penis enlargement pills won’t increase penis size by themselves though!

In short, I am really happy with the results I got from SizeGenetics by combining the penis enlargement device and exercises.  The tracking device was really comfortable and, with the exercises working to maximize cell division, I noticed my penis was fuller and longer in just a few weeks.  I am still using the SizeGenetics program and am increasingly happy