Male Edge Review: What Is Male Edge?

Male Edge is a 2nd generation penis enlargement device;

it has been developed by the company that brought us the worlds first ever traction device, the Jes Extender.

As it is a 2nd generation device it is an improved device when compared to many alternative penis extenders.

Devices for by applying traction force to the penis, over time this force causes the cells within the penis to divide and multiply.

Therefore the more traction you are able to apply to the penis the better and the quicker size gains will generally be.

Most devices apply around 1500 grams, where as the Male Edge device can apply up to 2800 grams!

The material in which the Male Edge is made from is also very different than standard devices. Many of them tend to use metal which will naturally be heavy and can make it problematic when going about your normal routines.

Male Edge is made from a highly durable plastic which means that it is much lighter but at the same time just as durable.

Benefits of Male Edge Penis Stretcher

When looking to make your penis bigger, you want a device that is that is going to be effective and give you results in the quickest possible time.

Benefits you will be able to see include;

  • Increase Penis Length by 28%
  • Thicker Penis By 19%
  • Stronger Erections
  • Straightening Penile Curvatures
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Increased Confidence
  • Help with premature ejaculation
  • Many More

Price of Male Edge

One thing that really impressed us was the price.

Most people would expect a 2nd generation device to cost more than a first generation; this is not the case for Male Edge. Male Edge offers 3 different packages; each one provides the same device but different attachments and spare parts.

Male Edge Money Back Guarantee

One way to tell if a device is actually effective and will give you results is to see if they offer money back guarantee or not, if they don’t then the company doesn’t have much confidence in their product.

The company behind Male Edge know that you will see size gains from using it; if you don’t then they do offer a Double money back guarantee.

If you want risk free penis enlargement then Male Edge is perfect!